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There are many people having blogs without Author biography and they want to add a little introductory box under each post. These days this trend become very popular and every blogger or website owner want to adopt this trend. Well if you are using WordPress its very easy to Add About Author box under each post using simple piece of codes. Let me show you what we gonna do today, we will add this sort of box under each post. You can also take a look under this post to see the live demo, because I am using the method.

Add About Author Under Each Post – WordPress 1

You need to follow simple steps to configure these codes to show About Author box, but you need little CSS skills to make this box look better as your wordpress template.

Step 1:

Open you wordpress Admin area then go to Appearance > Editor. Find your theme Function File (functions.php) and open it.

Add About Author Under Each Post – WordPress 2

Step 2:

function get_author_bio ($content=''){
global $post;
            $html.="<img src='".md5(get_the_author_email()). "&default=".urlencode($GLOBALS['defaultgravatar'])."&size=80&r=PG' alt='PG'/>n";
            $html.="<div>About the Author:</div>n";
            $content .= $html;

      return $content;

add_filter('the_content', 'get_author_bio');

Paste these above codes in your functions.php file and update it. And you will get the response of these codes in your each under post.

Note :
Use these div containers to stylize these codes as you own theme style or your own choice.


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