15 Dual Concept Logo Designs – Inspiration #02

During these days, I was looking for those designs who have dual concepts and imaginations and finally I discover following logo concepts who inspired me with their colors and drawings, wooh! I have selected very few of them and i hope there were many of them you already known and some unknown for you. Lets enjoy these logos and inpire yourself to create something beyond the limits of imagination.

Bread & Breakfast - Logo

Midas Studios - Logo

Hope for African Children Initiative - Logo

NetBomb - Logo

Word Refuge - Logo

23Design - Logo

Roosterori - Logo

Shirt Pepper - Logo

CreativeNest - Logo

Laboholic - Logo

H&C Consulting - Logo

Portnology - Logo

Colibrian - Logo

Childhood - Logo

Feathers & Fur Pet Store - Logo


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