10 CSS Best Examples – Inspiration of the Week #4

Today I am showed up with some very beautiful and nicely done CSS examples. These designs are fully integrated with CSS skills and these are the Inspiration of the Week #4. Now lets see what’s new in them and which thing makes them creative and inspiring to us.

TITLE: Faebric
DESCRIPTION: FÆBRIC is the online magazine for all fashion students, for all young talents, for all those who are new to the world of fashion and for all who are just crazy about fashion. We write about students and their projects, about courses, ideas, creations, about people who founded a label and about people.

faebric.com - Inspiration of the Week
TITLE: StruckAxiom
DESCRIPTION: We spent a while (longer than we’d care to admit, really) thinking about what we are. An agency? A studio? Interactives? Advertisers? Thinkers? Doers? Believers? And, after a while, we came to a conclusion: “What?” is the wrong question.We realized that the real question is “Why?” So, why do we do what we do?

struckaxiom.com - Inspiration of the Week

TITLE: Fred Maya
DESCRIPTION: Hello I’m Fred Maya, I work on websites as an interaction designer

fredmaya.com - Inspiration of the Week

TITLE: Alexandra palace
DESCRIPTION: Alexandra Palace – The People’s Palace

alexandrapalace.com - Inspiration of the Week

05 – Waddict.gr
TITLE: Waddict
DESCRIPTION: waddict is an Athens based interactive design agency, specialising in creating attractive, accessible and unique websites, using the latest web standards.

waddict.gr - Inspiration of the Week

TITLE: DOJO Advertising Agency
DESCRIPTION: This is our portfolio website. We are a small, but growing advertising agency in Berlin Kreuzberg, Germany.

dojofuckingyeah.de - Inspiration of the Week

07 – Orangecinemaseries.fr
TITLE: Treme
DESCRIPTION: Promotion website of HBO serie Treme for Franc.

orangecinemaseries.fr - Inspiration of the Week

TITLE: Red Tiki
DESCRIPTION: Red Tiki is a team of design professionals working together for the love of the web. We live to design, animate, create.

redtiki.com.au - Inspiration of the Week

TITLE: Alessandro Giammaria
DESCRIPTION: Personal portfolio of Alessandro Giammaria, italian graphic designer and web designer freelanc.

alessandrogiammaria.com - Inspiration of the Week

TITLE: Mckinney
DESCRIPTION: We’re here to create game-changing ideas that make extraordinary things happen. To reinvent. To defy what is and define “what’s next.” It’s why we do what we do.

mckinney.com - Inspiration of the Week


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